Hotel-boutique “Sasha&Son” falls into the network of Alexander Boltayev’s hotels in Bukhara in Uzbekistan and in Russia in St.Petersburg . It includes three hotels in Bukhara : which are hotel-boutique ” Sasha&Son “ . And one hotel “ 15th Line “ in St.-Petersburg.

Constructed in the national style hotel -boutique“ Sasha&Son ” was a Jewish merchant’s house of the 16 century and it was renovated in 1996 .Located in the heart of Bukhara and within walking distance from ancient Labi-Hauz complex, family run hotel-boutique “Sasha&Son” provides its guests with comfortable 18 double and 2 single rooms . All rooms are traditional Bukhara style , made by hand of well-known craftsmen and painters from Uzbekistan .

Each room has the telephone, air-conditioner, minibar, satellite TV.

The hotel has a traditional charming courtyard with a beautiful carved aivan and small garden .

The price of a double room is 640 000 sum (80 USD), for single room - 560 000 sum (70 USD) ( breakfast included)

The hotel mainly consumed by tourists and visitors who come to Uzbekistan. First time, and attracting our guests who for years dreamed of being carried away to the dreamland makes them to come back again and again. Getting knows were our hotel is situated most of the tourists are trying to order a room several months earlier, before their visit to our ancient town.

Hotel “15 Line” in Russia is located in the center of St-Petersburg in a quiet green park.

within 10 minutes from “Vassileostrovskaya ” underground station . There are 6 double and 2 superior double rooms . Each room equipped with a telephone , minibar , satellite TV , access to the internet .

The whole information regarding “ 15th Line “ hotel you can get through the following

Address: Russia , St .Petersburg , 50-B, 15th Line V.O. 199178.

Website :www.15line.spb.ru , E-mail : info@15line.spb.ru .

Tel : + 7 812 328 6226 , fax : + 7 812 328 6326


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